Saturday, May 29, 2010

Disneyland, Day Three

Tuesday was another early entry for those staying on property so we decide to make the most of it and head on down. This time the park wasn't set to open until 9:00 so that meant getting there at 8:00. Phew! Molly was pretty much back to normal at this time and we hit a few more rides. We did Astro Blasters first as it was one of the rides that always seemed to have a crazy line. Walked right on and did it twice as we met up with the Jodoins when we got off. Unfortunately I had my Revo sunglasses in the side pocket of my shorts and somehow managed to crush a (glass) lens when getting up. That sucked.

Robert requested It's a Small World as it was his favorite. All of the kids seemed to enjoy that one, even Connor (7 months) was paying attention. We went on the small train ride (Casey Jr. Circus Train) and then stopped for snack time as we met up with the Chouns. Molly was still working on her fruit cup when everyone else got on the Dumbo ride. As soon as she was done eating she requested her blanket and stroller and I obliged. Once again she was content to take in the sights from her comfy ride. I don't blame her as I'm pretty sure my feet were numb at this point.

The next stop was Toon Town (it opened at 10:00) and we did the Roger Rabbit ride first as that was another one that tended to have a long line. We wandered about for a bit trying to get some good pictures in and then headed to lunch. We went to Tomorrowland so we could hop on the big train that goes around the entire park after lunch. Molly pretty much used N as a pillow and laid down next to him the second we got on. The next stop was the Main Entrance and N decided to take Molly back to the room for nap time. Robert and Jarrod joined him and I sat with the Chouns for the rest of the ride around the park. We went back to the Main Entrance where Jeff and Jessie took off. Julie, Jamie, and I went on the Haunted Mansion again and then met up with Jenn in California Adventure for Soarin' Over California. After that we made our way back through Downtown Disney while Jenn hustled back to the room to pick up Connor so Robert could get back to his nap.

That night we decided to head out to dinner and went to a local Red Robin. Molly once again inhaled a grilled cheese. However, she also ate all of her cantaloupe along with mine. It wasn't all crap, all the time folks. We tried! I went back to the room with Molly for bed time and N met up with the guys for some hot tub time along with a few games of Settlers.

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