Saturday, May 29, 2010

Santa Barbara

Since we were heading down to Disneyland with friends I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were driving and stop by Santa Barbara for an Uncle Kyle visit. It was far too quick as we arrived last Friday evening and took off again Saturday night, but it was still good to see Kyle and Cathy. Our plan was to take off just before nap time so Molly would sleep most of the drive. It worked... at first. Then someone took a phone call... No Names meNtioNed. Molly bug woke up and did not fall back asleep so she only got an hour and a half nap in. Which would normally not be that big of a deal, but she had woken up Thursday morning sounding like a smoker and on Friday morning she was a little snotty. She never had a fever or anything, but she just wasn't quite right. We made a pit stop and got back on the road. Molly entertained herself with the iPad until we pulled up to Uncle Kyle's house.

Molly LOVED bossing Uncle Kyle around. She kept yelling at Uncle Kyle to "come here" and "go that way" and he happily obliged. It was quite adorable. Saturday morning we walked over to grab a light breakfast and the plan was to stop by the park on the way back. Well, it was quite windy in Santa Barbara. You add that to the snot factor (aka "not quite right") and she was simply not in the mood. When we tried to get her out of her stroller she begged us to go back to the house... so we did. Molly did get a nice three and a half hour nap in that afternoon, but did not fall asleep in the car when we drove down to Disneyland that night. So she was wide awake until about 10:30.

The adults took advantage of Molly's early bed time and nap time and played a couple games of Settlers. Kyle won the first round Friday night with N and I hot on his tail. I then spanked everyone HARD on Saturday. :-) N also got Kyle and Cathy sufficiently addicted to Plants vs. Zombies on his iPad and purchased a copy for them as a way to square away the dinner bill. I wonder how many hours they have logged since we left?

The visit was far too short. Next time Santa Barbara won't just be a pit stop, but the actual destination. Still, it was good to see everyone and hang out. Until next time.

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