Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hanging with Temperence...

Yesterday Molly and I watched Temperence, my great niece (her first cousin, once removed), for the day. We went to her place as it would have been a lot of back and forth very early in the morning for her mom Carina. Temperence was enthralled with Molly and spent a good part of the day just trying to keep an eye on her. Carina had a toddler music channel on when we got there and Molly recognized some of the songs (especially the ones from Beauty and the Beast) and some of the nursery rhymes. So Molly sang to Temperence. It was adorable. Molly was constantly "teaching" Temperence. She showed her body parts... especially toes... kept pointing those out all day. Molly also described each toy to Temperence and pointed out things like color and shape. Temperence took it all in and was mesmerized by the flurry of action that is Molly.

Temperence went down for her morning nap, but it only lasted 45 minutes and she woke up pretty upset. Her top two teeth are just threatening to break through and I do believe that was the culprit. We headed to the playground and Temperence watched Molly run around while chowing down on her puffs. This was after Molly fed her puffs from her own snack cup earlier that morning. So cute!

Molly did a quick lap of the park, but then came back to the bench in the shade I was sitting on next to Temperence in her stroller and kicked off her shoes. And by kick, I mean kick. Those puppies were launched into the air and landed a good 10 feet away. Molly did not like the itty bitty pieces of tanbark getting in her shoes and let me know it. She took one step on the tanbark in bare feet and then stuck to hanging out in the shade and on the grass.

After the park we went back for lunch and I set Temperence up in her booster seat with some cheerios while I got Molly's lunch ready. Well as soon as I sat down Temperence got pretty vocal with me. I offered her a bottle and she batted it away. Duh! She's eating solids now. Little girl inhaled one container and got halfway through the second before slowing down.

The girls played for a bit after lunch and then Molly started to slow down. I got her down first, around 12:30, and only heard her open the hall door once to throw out the toy ring she had been holding onto. I later learned she had traded this in for some cat toys she had come across. She babbled for another 15-20 minutes and then all was silent. Temperence started to fade so I got her ready for nap time (along with a dose of Tylenol for her aching gums) and she fell asleep on the bottle in bed. She napped for an hour and 45 minutes and got up just before 3:00. We had some quiet time in the living room and a little after 3:00 I heard Molly talking. She came out to join us and then we headed back down to the playground.

You can see how swollen her gums are as you can practically make out her top two teeth.

Molly lasted a little long with shoes this time, but still quickly took them off. She was much more interested in hanging out on the grass watching the airplanes go by. She even got Temperence interested in this activity. All in all it was a GREAT day.

With Temperence, it's all about the eyes.

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Sneed Family said...

Thank you so much for watching her! She always enjoys being around Molly and you!