Monday, May 17, 2010

Smart little cookie

Last week (or it could have been the week before) Molly and I went to Trader Joe's to grab a few items. Well, we always swing by the sample station and this time they had Whoppee Pies. Molly was stoked! She kept asking for another bite of the "yummy cookie" and I obliged until the sample was all gone. Then Molly asked for more yummy cookie. I told her she got one and that was all she was going to get and start heading towards the checkout lines. Well Molly sees that we are getting ready to leave and pleads one more time for more yummy cookie. I firmly tell her no.

Molly is quiet for a moment.

Then she lights up and exclaims, "BREAD! Mommy go get bread!"

Guess which section is next to the sample station?

Yup, she's one smart cookie.

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