Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jonah's 1st Birthday

Yesterday we went to my great nephew's first birthday party. It was a bbq and a gorgeous day for it. The birthday boy was sleeping when we arrived. Molly made herself right at home going through all his toys and playing with her other first cousin, once removed Temperence. The sun was shining so we quickly moved from the backyard to the front where it was nice and shady. Molly had a blast climbing over everything and exploring. She even stole all the icing off my cupcake in one efficient bite. Crack monkey came to visit, but it was a short visit. When the birthday boy finally woke up Molly entertained him. Jonah loves to just watch Molly in action. He's completely mesmerized by her. Molly had two colored ping pong balls in her hands and Jonah got very excited when he spotted them. He definitely recognized them and started repeating "Ba" over and over again. Molly shared and it immediately went in the mouth. Hey, he's one.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Carina and Temperence



Chris and Temperence

Kim and Kato


Kim, Jonah, and Molly

Kim and Jonah

For the rest of the gallery click here.

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Sneed Family said...

Love the pics way cute!! I stole some :)Adults won on Temperence going to sleep, she passed out at 730 in Alesha's room I had the pack and play. Then I did the transfer around 11 to go home. There is hope for to sleep somewhere else YAY